Is Riverdale Bringing Back the Dead? Check Out a Spooky Season 5 Poster

Riverdale Season 5 Spoilers Dead Alive Zombie

Nobody is ever really, truly dead on Riverdale… and it looks like Season 5 will put that to the test.

Series creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa took to Twitter on Tuesday to share a new poster for the upcoming fifth season of the CW teen drama (debuting Wednesday, Jan. 20 at 8/7c), with a gnarled zombie hand poking out of a foggy river. “Nothing stays buried forever,” the EP teased, along with a barrage of emojis that include a broken heart (!), a skull and crossbones (!!) and an engagement ring (!!!).

If Riverdale is planning to resurrect a dead character, they have plenty to choose from, starting with Cheryl’s beloved brother Jason Blossom, whose body was found floating in Sweetwater River in the series premiere. (Cheryl did spend some creepy quality time with Jason’s corpse last season, but she eventually sent him off on a flaming funeral pyre on that same river.) Unlike its sister show Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix, though, Riverdale has shied away from going full-on supernatural… so far, anyway.

Due to filming delays caused by COVID-19, we know that Season 5 of Riverdale will kick off with a trio of episodes originally intended for Season 4, including the teens’ prom and graduation. Then the series will have a significant time jump, picking up with the characters several years later and skipping over the time when Archie and the gang would be separated while away at college.

Check out the spooky new poster below, and then hit the comments and share your theories: Who’s coming back from the dead? And what do all those emojis mean, anyway?

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