Netflix Removes Chappelle's Show at Dave Chappelle's Request — Watch the Comedian Explain Why

Chappelles Show Removed Netflix Dave Chappelle Video

The latest faction urging Netflix to remove controversial content from its streaming service is… the person who created the content in the first place.

Comedian Dave Chappelle said Tuesday that Netflix agreed to take his sketch series Chappelle’s Show off its platform in observance of an ongoing dispute he has with ViacomCBS, which owns the show.

Chappelle starred in Chapelle’s Show, which he co-created and wrote, on Comedy Central for three seasons in the early 2000s. On Tuesday, he posted a clip from a recent standup appearance that echoed his recent Saturday Night Live monologue: According to the contract he signed at Chappelle’s Show‘s outset, he isn’t making any money from services like Netflix or HBO Max streaming the comedy, which ViacomCBS licenses to them.

“When I left [Chappelle’s Show], I never got paid. They didn’t have to pay me, because I signed the contract. But is that right?” the comedian asks in the video. “I found out that these people were streaming my work, and they never had to ask me or they never have to tell me. Perfectly legal, ’cause I signed the contract. But is that right?”

Chappelle currently has a deal with Netflix for stand-up specials, and he lauded the company for honoring his request to have Chappelle’s Show removed from the streamer. (A Netflix rep confirmed the decision to our sister site Deadline.) It is still available on CBS All Access and HBO Max. TVLine has reached out to ViacomCBS for comment.

UPDATE NO. 1: In mid-December, HBO/HBO Max boss Casey Bloys told our sister site Variety that HBO Max also would remove Chappelle’s Show, at Chappelle’s request, on Dec. 31.

Watch Chappelle’s video below:

UPDATE NO. 2: Chappelle’s Show returned to Netflix on Feb. 11 after Chappelle announced he had reached a new agreement with Comedy Central, per THR.

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