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Dash & Lily EP on Filming the Finale's 'Special' Ending — Plus, What's Next?

Dash & Lily Finale

Warning: This article spoils the ending of Dash & Lily‘s first season. Haven’t watched? Grab a blanket and head over to Netflix. You’ll thank us later.

Between the iconic location (New York’s famed Strand Bookstore), the perfect time (New Year’s Eve at midnight) and the ludicrously romantic ambience (literal fireworks!), the final scene of Dash & Lily‘s first season finale is about as perfect as it could be. Is it any wonder why executive producer Joe Tracz says it’s his favorite page-to-screen moment in the Netflix series?

“First of all, I think anyone who loves books has that dream of getting locked in a bookstore overnight,” Tracz tells TVLine. “And to have that as the ending, with the two of them kissing at midnight on New Year’s Eve, was what we always wanted. These characters spent so much of the season apart, so we really wanted to make that moment feel sweet and special. We shot that in The Strand overnight, so we were filming it at like three o’clock in the morning. Even with how brain-fried everyone was, the chemistry was still there. I’m really proud of that scene.”

Though Netflix hasn’t officially renewed Dash & Lily, there’s certainly plenty of story to be mined from Rachel Cohn and David Levithan’s book series — and Tracz is as ready to make a second season as he is ready for Pixar to produce Collation for real.

“I would love to be able to go back and do the second book and third book,” he says. “The third book was actually written on set. David and Rachel would visit the set, and they’d be working on their chapters for the third book. I love these characters so much and the city that they live in. Knowing that there is more story to be told, those are stories I’d love to tell.”

Meanwhile, Austin Abrams (aka Dash) is playing things by ear, telling TVLine that he won’t read the other Dash & Lily books unless he knows the show is being renewed. “I’m waiting to see what’s going to happen before I fully immerse myself,” he says. “I haven’t fully gone into it because I don’t know what’s going to happen.” (Something tells us Abrams can go ahead and order a copy of that second book.)

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