Yes, That Really Is Gina Rodriguez's Voice in Dash & Lily's Fake Pixar Movie

Dash & Lily Collation Cameo

Warning: This article contains mild spoilers from the first season of Dash & Lily, now streaming on Netflix.

Dash and Lily may get top billing in Netflix’s new holiday rom-com, but just for a moment, let’s shift our attention to the love story within the love story — that of a fake Pixar film called Collation.

The existence of Collation — an animated “office romance” between a stapler and a blank sheet of paper — becomes a running gag throughout Dash & Lily‘s eight-episode first season, with advertisements for the movie popping up (sometimes subtly) all over the city. Lily (Midori Francis) even mentions that she loves when the highlighter, a character supposedly voiced by Gina Rodriguez, encourages the stapler to “Be bold!”

So it’s a thrilling moment when Dash (Austin Abrams) finally sees Collation at the end of the season, especially when he hears the highlighter’s iconic line. But there’s no way it’s actually Rodriguez’s voice, right? … Right? … Wrong! As executive producer Joe Tracz reveals to TVLine, Rodriguez indeed makes a vocal cameo in Episode 8.

“Brad Silberling, one of our producers who also directed the first two episodes, was also a producer and director on Jane the Virgin,” Tracz explains. “So he was like, ‘You know, I think I could get Gina to do it.’ He reached out her, she was like, ‘Totally!’ and she recorded a bunch of different takes of the line. It was so much fun to actually get to pay off one of these writers’ room jokes that we had.”

According to Tracz, “There was so much Collation stuff that got cut for time. Our favorite writers’ room parlor game was figuring out which celebrities would voice which office supplies. ‘What punny catchphrases do they all have?’ At one point, we imagined Oprah voicing a Post-It note that said, ‘Stick with love!’ Between all of the writers, we pretty much cast Collation. If Pixar gave us a call, we’d be happy to work with them on that.”

The Collation posters were even designed by a former Pixar concept artist, so Tracz jokes, “I’m just waiting for the green light.” (Or is he joking?)

Bingers, are you enjoying Dash & Lily? Were you also wondering if that was really her voice bringing the highlighter to life? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.