What Could Supernatural's Series Finale Possibly Be About? CW Boss Teases a 'Great' Ending

Supernatural Series Finale

After this week’s eventful penultimate episode of Supernatural, fans may very well be wondering what story is possibly left to tell in next Thursday’s series finale. After all, the second-to-last installment — spoiler alert! — wrapped up Dean and Sam’s battle against Chuck/God, sent Jack on a new journey and then ended on a warm, nostalgic note with a montage of the show’s past 15 seasons. But despite all that, The CW CEO Mark Pedowitz believes the actual series ender will still satisfy longtime viewers.

Coming out of the Nov. 12 episode, “you say, ‘What can they do for the [series finale]?’ and let me tell you: They pull it off. It’s great, it’s just great,” Pedowitz told The Hollywood Reporter‘s “TV’s Top 5″ podcast. “And to their credit, they gave a great goodbye to their fans at the very end of the show, so kudos to them.”

Asked what his favorite episode of the series is as a self-proclaimed fan, Pedowitz responded, “I actually think [the penultimate] episode is one of my favorites, it truly was!” The exec then added that he “cried a lot” while watching the series ender, before landing on the episode where Misha Collins’ Castiel is introduced, “Lazarus Rising,” as one of his faves. “That scene when Cas flexes out his wings was quite remarkable,” Pedowitz shared.

The Supernatural series finale airs next Thursday, Nov. 19 at 9/8c on The CW, following a retrospective special at 8 pm.

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