Supernatural Recap: The Penultimate Episode Delivers a Godly Twist

Supernatural Recap

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We’ll give you a moment to collect yourself, Supernatural fans, because Thursday’s penultimate episode sure felt like a series finale, with its sense of closure, a big goodbye, and a nostalgic montage.

After quickly informing Sam and Jack that Cas sacrificed himself, Dean surmises that everyone on the planet is gone, except for him, Sam and Jack. With no one left to save, Sam is ready to give up. He and Dean surrender themselves to Chuck and offer to give him the Cain and Abel situation he wants, but he has to bring back everyone, including Cas, Dean emphasizes. Chuck thinks it’s too little, too late; he’s now into the idea of Sam and Dean living with eternal suffering on a lifeless planet because they wouldn’t take a knee. (Chuck even takes away a dog that Dean finds, ripping away the hunter’s last shred of happiness.)

Meanwhile, Jack – who is killing plants as he walks by them – senses a presence in a church, so maybe the boys aren’t all alone, after all. Inside, they find Michael, who took refuge in the building when The Rapture began. (Sadly, Adam was not so lucky and did not survive Chuck’s wrath. #JusticeForAdam.) Despite being a daddy’s boy, Michael is ready and willing to help them defeat God. Sam is hopeful that Michael can open God’s death book, but alas, no dice.

Dean gets a call from Cas, saying he’s hurt and asking to be let in, but – twist! – it’s actually Lucifer. The Empty let him out with orders to find the missing God book and use it against Chuck.

“We’re a team again, guys!” Lucifer happily exclaims, but Dean and Sam aren’t buying it, so Lucifer produces a reaper and then promptly kills her. Now she’s Death and can read the book. She’s in the middle of recounting what the pages say when Lucifer kills her (again) and reveals that it was actually Chuck who set him free. While Lucifer is trying to convince Jack to join his side, Michael sneaks up behind him and kills Lucifer with the angel blade.

And Lucifer isn’t the only traitor: Michael gives his daddy a heads-up about a spell that Dean and Sam are going to use against him. But Chuck still kills Michael for siding with Dean and Sam, then punches the Winchesters into a bloody pulp. Despite getting quite a beating, Dean and Sam keep getting up, punch after punch. “Why are you smiling?” asks Chuck, to which Sam replies, “Because you lose.” It turns out that they made up the spell, knowing that Michael was upset that Chuck asked Lucifer for help and not him. They wanted Michael to betray them and lure Chuck in. Meanwhile, Jack has become an unstoppable power vacuum, absorbing power from Michael, Lucifer and now Chuck, allowing him to defeat the Almighty and heal Dean and Sam.

“This is why you’re my favorites. For the first time, I have no idea what happens next,” Chuck says, lying on the ground. He thinks it would be “kind of glorious” to die at the hands of Dean and Sam, but they’re not killers, they reply. Instead, Chuck’s ending will now be to grow old and get sick and just die, and no one will remember him.

As for Jack, now that he is essentially the new God, he brings everyone back. Then he says his goodbye to Dean and Sam, who realize that Jack is Him. He promises to be with them, in everything and everywhere. His time with Dean, Sam and Cas taught him that “when people have to be their best, they can be,” Jack concludes before disappearing. With that, Dean and Sam are free and finally get to write their own story, they observe as a montage starts playing of the past 15 seasons. And somehow this is not even the series finale!

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