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Station 19's 'Mind-Blowing' Premiere 'Definitely' Answers Questions About the 'Resurrection' of Andy's Mother

station 19 jaina lee ortiz boris kodjo

“Mind-blowing” and “jaw-dropping” are just the first couple of descriptors that Station 19 star Jaina Lee Ortiz affixes to the revelations contained in Thursday’s Season 4 premiere of the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff (airing on ABC at 8/7c as part of a three-hour crossover event). The actress is well, perhaps even keenly, aware that we are on the edge of our seats wondering how the hell Andy’s “late” mother managed to show up in the Season 3 finale.

“Everyone wants answers,” she acknowledges to TVLine. “You’ll definitely get them in the premiere, I guarantee you. They may not be what you expect, but it’ll definitely be something huge and dramatic and, obviously, very traumatic because [Elena’s ‘resurrection’ is] not the only… elephant in the room. COVID-19 is a huge part of the storyline.”

There’s also the not-insignificant matter of Andy’s husband Robert succumbing once again to drug addiction in the wake of his surgery for chronic pain syndrome. “It’s just going to add to the challenges the two of them are facing while not giving up on their love, which I think is the interesting part of their relationship,” teases Boris Kodjoe, who plays Sullivan. “They’re not willing to walk away, no matter what’s going on, which is really the very definition of unconditional love.”

Still, the newlyweds are due — arguably overdue — to discuss the notion that Andy replaced her late father with, in a way, a new father figure. “From a psychological standpoint, that’s very interesting,” says Kodjoe, “because I guess that happens a lot. You’re yearning for your father’s love, and by getting hitched really quickly to someone like Sullivan, you can sort of manage that better. Yeah, this should be a conversation.

“We just have to figure out what that love is between them and why it’s so strong and if it’s real,” he continues. “I think they’ll be facing a lot of challenges to find out if it’s real.”

Adds Ortiz: “I feel like maybe this is a test… to see if this was just a sort of fling situation, or maybe, you know, every single challenge that they come across truly bonds them and brings them closer.”

What do you think, Station 19 fans? Do Andy and Sullivan have what it takes to go the distance as a married couple? Sound off in the comments below.