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Superstore EPs on the Premiere's Final Amy/Jonah Moment and What It Means for America Ferrera's Farewell Episode

'Superstore' Season 6 - Jonah and Amy

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Superstore‘s Season 6 premiere.

Is the ‘ship known as #Simmosa about to sink?

Thursday’s Superstore premiere — aka America Ferrera’s second-to-last episode — brought Amy and Jonah’s big move to a temporary standstill. After holding down the Cloud 9 fort for the first few months of the coronavirus pandemic, while also juggling her tasks as the retail chain’s new Director of Customer Experience, Amy finally received a call from Zephra informing her that they were ready to fly her out to Palo Alto.

“I’m going to California!” she said, excitedly, at which point Jonah corrected her. “We’re going to California,” he said, without batting an eye.

'Superstore' Season 6, Episode 1 - Amy and Jonah“This is incredible,” he continued. “You finally get to have one job, we get to start our lives together… It’s, like, real.” He then went in for a hug, making it impossible for him to see the panic now registered across his girlfriend’s face.

“What we’re seeing in that moment is that maybe there’s a lot of stuff that Amy has been putting off thinking about,” co-showrunner Gabe Miller tells TVLine. “Because the move has been delayed for so long, now that it’s real, she is realizing there are some things… that she needs to confront.”

Prior to Amy’s call, we watched as Cloud 9’s essential workers dealt with a lack of personal protective equipment, a rush of frenzied customers looking to stock up on toilet paper, and at least one mask-defying “Karen.”  We also learned that one of Ozark Highlands’ own had contracted COVID-19 after he refused to let the pandemic stand in the way of spring break.

That employee, of course, was Marcus.

“We definitely didn’t want to make light of it in any way,” says fellow co-showrunner Jonathan Green. “But we felt like, yeah, Marcus was the person [who would ignore all the warnings and contract the virus]. It was also important to us that if we said he got sick, we would see him well again in the same episode… He would be the kind of guy who would go through this whole experience, come out of it, and the main thing he’d be annoyed about is that he missed out on the Tiger King craze.”

What did you think of Superstore‘s pandemic-focused Season 6 premiere? And how do you think the Amy and Jonah storyline will resolve itself in the NBC comedy’s 100th episode — aka Ferrera’s last episode (airing next Thursday, Nov. 5)? Weigh in via the following poll, then drop your thoughts in a comment below.