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This Is Us Season 5 Video: Kevin Drops Big News on Kate in Socially Distant, Surprise-Filled Sneak Peek


For a few moments there in this new sneak peek at This Is Us‘ upcoming Season 5, Kevin is probably happy that the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t allow him to get too close to his sister and brother-in-law.

Because the look on Kate’s face when Kevin announces that Madison is pregnant and is expecting his twins? It hovers over “about to flip out” for a second or two before Kate lets her brother and her best friend know how she really feels about the shocking news.

The clip from the NBC drama’s two-hour season premiere — which will air Tuesday at 9/8c — begins with Kevin arriving at the Damon home and Kate quickly shooing him to back up and maintain a healthy social distance from her and Toby. When the couple hears that Kevin has big news to share, Toby starts tossing out guesses.

“Just say it: You’re the new Batman,” Toby says. “What else could it be? Did you start a tequila company? Did you get somebody knocked up?”

Kate giggles until she sees her brother’s face and knows what’s up. And when Madison gets out of the car and Kevin announces that she’s having twins, Kate looks like she might lose her lunch right there on the lawn… until she suddenly smiles, seemingly OK with the major life development. Air hugs all around!

Press PLAY on the video above to watch the sneak peek, then hit the comments with your predictions for the forthcoming season of This Is Us.


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