Supernatural Recap: Have a Little Faith — Plus, Who's Fated to Die?

Supernatural Recap

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Dr. Sexy has a new profession?!

After a Cas-less return, this Thursday’s Supernatural finds the angel and Jack headlining their very own murder investigation. Their victim: a member of a faith-based group run by a pastor, who is played by Steve Bacic, the same actor who brought Dr. Sexy to life in the episode “Changing Channels.” Of course, it’s not the first time the show has “re-used” an actor as a different character. In fact, Nicole Muñoz, the actress playing the pastor’s daughter Sylvia, also appeared in a Season 2 episode. But I have to admit, for a brief moment, I thought we were in for a stealthy return to Dr. Sexy, MD. But alas, the pastor is just a pastor.

The sheriff — who’s very dubious of FBI Agent Jack since he looks greener than Baby Yoda, she notes — informs Castiel and Jack that the deceased had “liar” carved into his body and all his fingers were shoved down his throat. Another victim is later tied up and gets nails hammered into her fingers for being a thief. (Between this and last week’s ripping off of Sam’s fingernails, I am squirming. A lot.)

Cas summons crossroads demon Zack for answers about what killed the young man. “Are angels solving people crimes now?” Zack wonders. “Like Highway to Heaven but with murder or something? Because I would watch that show!” Unfortunately, Zack is no help when it comes to the investigation and tells Cas that crossroads deals are no longer being made because Rowena has a “people will end up where they belong” philosophy. As a result, Zack is so very bored. #DemonProblems

Jack sets about joining the faith group (“Hello, where can I find the Kool-Aid?”) and bonds with the pastor’s daughter over their father issues. “Put your trust in God, not people,” Sylvia advises Jack. But that sweet girl is a killer! She stabs her friend, declaring, “I believe. You never did,” then attacks her own father for not helping her dying mother and making fun of her when she put her faith in God. The people at the group worship him, not God, Sylvia exclaims. Luckily, Cas is able to put Sylvie to sleep and heals two of the victims. “What are you?” the pastor says after witnessing the miracle. Cas admits he’s an angel as Sylvia is taken into custody (by Zack the demon!). Despite what’s happened, the pastor vows to find help for his daughter.

On their way back to the bunker, Jack confesses that he’s been lying about something: Billie’s spell is turning him into a bomb, and when he takes out Chuck and Amara, he’s going to die, too. Cas refuses to watch him die again, but Jack reminds him that it’s not his choice and asks him not to say anything to Sam and Dean. “This is the only way they’ll ever forgive him,” Jack adds. But as the episode ends, Cas tells Dean that he’s leaving to search for another way to stop Chuck, and should he not come back, there’s something that Dean and Sam need to know.

Speaking of Dean and Sam, they start the episode on a road trip to Atlantic City to find Amara. Sam has some hesitation about setting her up for her own death, but there aren’t exactly any better options. However, before Dean and Sam can even reach Atlantic City, Amara shows up at the gas station where they’re refueling. Over a pierogi lunch at a nearby diner, Dean explains that they need her help to trap Chuck, but Amara refuses to betray her brother, who’s nearly done destroying the other universes. Amara doesn’t think Dean and Sam truly understand what she and Chuck really are. They came into existence together as creation and destruction, light and dark. When that balance was disrupted and they split apart, “all this” was created, she explains. And even though Chuck later threw her into the cage, she believes it hurt him deeply, and doing that to him would be agony.

Dean and Sam leave the diner, having failed, but then Dean goes back inside to ask Amara a very important question: Why did she bring his mother back? What was she trying to show him? Amara says she wanted him to see Mary as a real, complicated person, not the idealized version he’d built up in his head, and for him to let go of the myth of a better life where his mom lived. She also thought that having Mary back would release Dean from his anger, but clearly she failed at that.

“You’re damn right,” Dean declares. He’s furious that they’re all trapped in Chuck’s story, Amara included, and she’s doing nothing to stop it. “You think he gives a rat’s ass about you? Well, now who’s living in a dream world?” Amara asks if she can trust him. “I would never hurt you,” he lies. She promises to think about his offer.

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