Could Schitt's Creek Return as a Movie? 'It’d Have to Be Really Frickin' Good!'


It’s no release of The Crows Have Eyes 3, but here’s some good, big-screen news related to Schitt’s Creek: There exists the possibility that Moira & Co. will make it to a feature film… someday.

After the Pop TV series took home seven Emmys Sunday, star and co-creator Dan Levy told reporters that the family at the heart of the Canadian comedy just might show up at the cineplex. However, given the way that Schitt’s Creek wrapped its six-season run in April, Levy said he’s hesitant to revisit it without good reason.

“This is the best way we could have ever ended the show. So if there is an idea that ever pops into my head worthy of these wonderful people, it’d have to be really frickin’ good at this point, because this is a really nice way of saying goodbye,” he said.

He added: “So, fingers crossed that we get a really good idea coming into our heads at some point. But I would love to work with these beautiful people again.”

Schitt’s snagged nine total trophies at this year’s Emmys, including Outstanding Lead Actress for Catherine O’Hara, Outstanding Lead Actor for Eugene Levy, Outstanding Supporting Actor for Dan Levy, Outstanding Supporting Actress for Annie Murphy, best writing, best directing, best contemporary costumes and best casting.

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