Summer '20 Cancellation Poll Results: The 10 Cuts That Wrecked You, Ranked

Cancellation Poll Results — Summer 2020

Summer’s (essentially) over, but the pain wrought by TV’s cancellation tsunami lingers. Two wit: Last week we asked you via a a now-closed poll which of TV’s 31 recent, warm-weather cancellations bummed you out the most, and you voted in droves.

As we previously noted, the cancellation toll was heaviest at Netflix: The streaming giant axed seven shows — including two that had already been renewed — between June 1 and Sept. 1 (only two of which landed in the Top 10). NBC, which postponed a handful of bubble-show decisions due to the chaos caused by COVID-19, ranked second with four terminations (two of which landed in the Top 10), followed by Hulu with three (zero of which landed in the Top 10).

For the purposes of this gallery, we chose to focus on the 10 programs that garnered the most votes. And to ratchet up the suspense, we ranked them in descending order.

So go ahead and click on the gallery — or head here for direct access — and see which 10 fatal blows hit you the hardest.