The Society Creator Shares What Would Have Happened in Season 2 After 'Extremely Upsetting' Cancellation

The Society Cancelled Netflix

Fans of The Society won’t actually get to see Season 2 of the Netflix drama… but at least they can hear about it.

Following the show’s COVID-prompted cancellation earlier this month — which reversed a previous Season 2 renewal — creator Christopher Keyser offered some details about what would have happened in the next batch of episodes.

“We spent a lot of time talking about the reasons why the children of West Ham became the children of New Ham — what the cause of that was, how they might return home,” Keyser told our sister publication Variety. He added that Season 2 would have elaborated on a late Season 1 storyline in which characters discovered an open field with farmable land, which became crucial as New Ham’s resources dwindled.

To that end, new episodes would have focused on “the establishment of what we called the ‘outpost,’ and the eventual conflict between the outpost and the town over control,” Keyser continued, adding that “a descent into greater darkness” would have been inevitable for the show.

“It raised a lot of large questions about the way in which we treat each other, and the way we create caste systems and an underclass,” he said. “It had big political implications, but also a lot of new relationships — and also resolving questions about who was in power, and who wasn’t.”

The Society planned to begin Season 2 production in March, which was of course halted by the coronavirus pandemic. The show would have gotten up and running again in mid-September, but Netflix opted to cancel it as the pandemic impacted its budget and schedule.

And though Keyser called the cancellation “extremely upsetting,” he admitted The Society “didn’t have Stranger Things ratings” and likely would have run for only a few seasons at the streamer.

“Anyone who’s on Netflix knows the chances of five seasons are diminishing, unless you have ratings of a certain type… I was not expecting that we would exist for that long,” he shared. “But longer than one season for certain.”

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