John Oliver Rants About Gilmore Girls Revival... Four Years Later — Watch

You’re not the only one who’s spent quarantine catching up on your Netflix backlog.

On Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver introduced a segment about the United States/Mexico border wall by calling the barrier “one of the more upsetting things to emerge from 2016, tied, of course, with the reboot of the Gilmore Girls.”

(Of course, you savvy TVLine readers know that Netflix’s four-episode Gilmore foray was a revival and not a reboot, but we’re gonna let Oliver finish.)

In the video above, the comedian acknowledges that he’s a bit behind in his viewing. Still, he’s got “just a few notes” about the whole endeavor.

First off, “Who the f–k was Paul?!” Oliver cries, echoing one of the revival’s running gags about Rory’s very forgettable boyfriend. The host goes on to rant about the episodes’ (relative) dearth of Paris Gellar and about Emily’s uncharacteristic vocabulary.

“I’m sorry, Emily says ‘bulls–t’ and ‘t-ts’ now?” Oliver says incredulously. “Not in my Stars Hollow!” He also doesn’t hold back on exactly which of Rory Gilmore’s many loves he espouses. (Hint: It ain’t Dean.)

Press PLAY on the video above to hear Oliver’s Gilmore diatribe in full (it starts right at the beginning of the clip), then hit the comments with your thoughts!