The Chi Season 3 Finale Recap: And the New Mayor of Chicago Is...

The Chi Finale Recap Season 3 Episode 10

This post contains spoilers for the Season 3 finale of The Chi.

Well, in his defense, it’s not like Douda is Chicago’s first corrupt mayor.

Yep, in Sunday’s Season 3 finale of The Chi, Otis “Douda” Perry was elected as the chief executive of the Windy City. He soundly beat Camille Hallaway, probably because she played fair and didn’t do a single thing with the incriminating evidence Jake and Trig hand-delivered to her campaign headquarters in the previous episode. (We understand why she told Roselyn she didn’t want to win that way, but c’mon!)

Douda also misses Jake’s hearing, so the judge awarded custody of the boy to Trig and Imani. Yay, right? But wait: Douda swings by their place at the end of the hour, saying that he skipped the court date on purpose: If he’d been there, he would definitely have won custody. But now, he’ll continue to pay for Jake’s education… as long as Trig runs Douda’s street hustle. Against Imani’s better wishes, Trig agrees to the arrangement.

But a bunch of other things happened in the episode, as well:

* After a raucous bachelorette party (Tiff) and an ill-fated bachelor trip to the massage parlor with Darnell (Emmett), EJ’s parents get married by a justice of the peace. Then they have honeymoon sex on Jada’s couch.

* Speaking of sex, Kevin and Jemma make up and have sex for the first time.

* Kiesha goes to the doctor for an abortion but can’t go through with it. Her decision to keep the baby enrages Kevin.

* Before she makes that decision, though, Kiesha gets some advice from Tiffany. And that’s when we finally find out why Tiff hasn’t been pregnant this season, despite her announcement at the end of Season 2: She and Emmett decided they couldn’t have another baby, and she aborted it at some point off-screen.

* Papa’s father is arrested on money laundering charges, upsetting Papa. When he confronts the pastor about where Camille’s money went, his dad says he used it to help people and help his own family.(Also, Papa and Maisha get each other chains to wear and trade “I love yous,” and it’s so sweet.)

* Everyone says goodbye to Ronnie at his funeral. Kiesha lays roses on his coffin and whispers, “Thank you.”

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