Colbert Makes the Case for Joe Biden During Impassioned Late Show Monologue — Watch Video

Joe Biden‘s speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention won over Late Show host Stephen Colbert, whose latest monologue was practically a ringing endorsement of the former Vice President.

Following a joke-filled recap of the DNC’s grand finale, Colbert switched gears and spoke from the heart. For the next two minutes, the comedian explained why Biden’s address resonated so strongly with him.

“Here’s the deal: Biden spoke for over 10 minutes and addressed all the pain that Trump has inflicted upon our country, [and] all of the possibilities for healing our nation,” Colbert said. “But most importantly, not once did he whine about shower pressure.

“Throughout the convention, there was a common theme: Joe Biden’s history of loss and suffering,” Colbert continued. “There was a reason the convention hammered this point home: to cast Joe Biden in stark contrast with Donald Trump. Donald Trump couldn’t overcome any of the challenges of the presidency because he never had to overcome anything at all. This is the grown-up version of the college essay that asks you to write about a challenge you’ve faced — and instead of scrambling to put together a story about bouncing back from getting second chair in your high school a cappella group, Joe Biden had a real answer. This evening, Joe Biden showed himself to be a man who is decent, compassionate, flawed but honest, and that is water in the desert. He’s the sort of person who thinks before he says things. And when he gaffes, which he does often, it’s because his heart gets ahead of his words. He cares. And he tries his hardest. He’s like a lot of people I know and you do, too, which shouldn’t seem remarkable, but right now it is. And when Trump tweets his all-caps rebuke tomorrow morning, it’s just going to show how our president is not presidential. But Joe Biden is.”

Those who watched Colbert address the nation on Election Night 2016 should take solace in the Late Show host’s hopeful tone.

“We’re more divided than ever as a nation,” he said at the time. “So how did our politics get so poisonous? I think it’s because we overdosed… We drank too much of the poison.”

Prior to reflecting on Biden’s speech, Colbert weighed in on a DNC clip package titled “This Time Next Year,” which featured political figures offering optimistic predictions for what the world would look like nearly one year into Biden’s presidency. In response, Colbert took a turn and said, “This time next year, I hope I don’t have to [imitating Trump] ‘do this voice ever again. Because face it, it’s been three-and-a-half years, this impression’s not getting any better, and I’m pretty sure I’m getting polyps.'”

Watch Colbert’s Late Show monologue above (his response to Biden’s speech begins at the 12:06 mark), then hit the comments with your reactions.