The 100 Recap: Has Bellamy Gone Beyond the Point of Redemption?

The 100 Recap

Bellamy may have debuted a clean-shaven face atop Wednesday’s episode of The 100, but no amount of personal grooming could purge the stench of betrayal still lingering after last week’s character-assassinating final twist.

His fellow Sanctumites remained understandably furious with Bellamy for telling Bill the truth about the Flame, practically guaranteeing that none of them would leave Bardo alive. Echo really gave him the business, calling him out for moving on and losing his mind while they were separated — a concern that only grew when Bellamy had Raven escorted out of her cell by armed guards for refusing to cooperate with him.

Clarke also chewed Bellamy out, telling him that she doesn’t even recognize her best friend. And when he insisted that transcendence is real, that the only way to survive is to work alongside the Disciples and begin the final battle, she gave him a well-deserved “go float yourself.” It was really satisfying. (Speaking of which, I loved the little moment Octavia and Clarke shared in captivity, during which they bonded over having child figures in their lives. Equally satisfying for different reasons!)

After resisting the Disciples’ mind probing so intensely that she nearly hemorrhaged, Clarke eventually agreed to take Bill to the Flame on the condition that he send her friends to safety first. He honored that request, but in true Bill form, there was a bit of fine print in this deal; not only did he not send them to Sanctum, but he refused to tell anyone — including his precious Bellamy — where they went.

And while we’re on the subject of Sanctum, man did that place go to crap this week. After murdering Nelson and the Children of Gabriel for refusing to bend the knee, Sheidheda issued a manhunt for Madi, who was hiding with the rest of her people in the reactor. With rebel-turned-leader Murphy calling the shots, the good guys were able to stave off an attack from Nikki, which only prompted Sheidheda to take matters into his own hands. Everyone remains safe (for now), but it was really starting to look like Murphy was going to die at Sheidheda’s hand before the end of the hour.

That is, until Clarke and some of the Disciples suddenly appeared in Sheidheda’s throne room by way of the Anomaly. And she had the perfect reaction to seeing the Dark Commander sitting on that throne of skulls: “What the hell happened here?”

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