The 100 Recap: Bellamy's Homecoming Takes an Unfortunate Turn

The 100 Recap

Wednesday’s episode of The 100 made up for this season’s conspicuous lack of Bellamy by giving us an entire season’s worth of Bob Morley‘s character in a single hour. I never thought “too much Bellamy” could be a thing, especially given our recent drought, but I’m starting to wonder.

Following Levitt’s discovery that Bellamy survived that infamous explosion by diving into the Anomaly, viewers were immediately whisked to the planet Etherea — no connection to She-Ra’s planet, Etheria — where Bellamy and a Disciple named “Conductor” were fighting for their lives… when they weren’t fighting each other.

Honestly, between the running gags (“They don’t say ‘thank you’ where you’re from?”), the sassy comebacks (“Thank you for caring enough about yourself to save me!”) and the duo’s overall chemistry, this was basically a buddy action-comedy from start to finish.

Actually, make that a religious action-comedy. Bellamy’s new travel companion spent the majority of the hour preaching the ways of the Shepherd, gradually converting him into a full-blown Disciple. As Bellamy’s beard grew bushy and untamed, so too did his faith grow exponentially, until he was experiencing full blown hallucinations of his dead mother. (I’d call them “visions,” but I don’t want to give Bill’s cult too much validity.)

Through the power of prayer, plus a few survival tips from Pike (so many Pike shout-outs this season!), Bellamy and his fellow Disciple eventually discovered the Anomaly and returned to Bardo. After a brief moment of celebration, Bellamy swore his undying allegiance to Bill — an ominous portent of very bad things to come.

We then caught up with Clarke and the gang, still being treated like honored guests on account of Bill not knowing that the Flame has been destroyed. With the expiration date on that paper-thin leverage creeping ever closer, Clarke devised a plan to get everyone else back to Sanctum, even if meant playing the martyr. Again.

Fortunately, Clarke didn’t have to pull the trigger on that ill-advised scheme, as Bill revealed that Bellamy was actually alive and well. The looks on Clarke, Octavia and Echo’s faces when he entered the room got me so emotional, it was almost worth suffering through Bellamy’s companion’s endless religious lectures. It was the big, satisfying moment we’d all been waiting for… until it wasn’t.

Assuming that Bellamy was still on their side, Clarke whispered the truth about the Flame, only for him to immediately turn around and share that information with Bill. (If Bellamy loves Bill so much, why doesn’t he just marry him? #Billamy ‘shippers, rise up!)

Fellow viewers, were you as bummed out by Bellamy’s dark turn as I was? I’m all for a good twist, but with only five episodes left in the series, is now really the time to be making an enemy out of such a beloved character — not to mention one that’s been MIA for weeks? Drop a comment with your thoughts on this week’s episode below.

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