Stargirl Boss Reassures: Season 2 on CW 'Will Be Even Better, Nothing Less'

Stargirl Season 2 Budget CW

When the well-received DC’s Stargirl was renewed for Season 2 midway through its freshman run, the news was met by a chorus of cheers… and a bit of concern.

Season 1 of the Arrowverse-adjacent superhero series premiered its new episodes on DC Universe — as one of the streaming service’s live-action originals — which then aired a day later on The CW.

Season 2, however, was greenlit as a CW exclusive, leading some fans to wonder if shedding its status as a DC Universe original would result in a leaner budget, a relocation of production from sunny Georgia to the Arrowverse’s home base of Vancouver, and/or a shift in tone to better match the broadcast network’s other offerings.

TVLine invited Stargirl creator/series EP Geoff Johns to speak to all of the above, during our Season 1 post mortem interview. For starters (and as cast members Brec Bassinger and Luke Wilson previously suggested to TVLine), production will be as peachy as ever by staying put in Georgia, where CW series such as Black Lightning and Legacies also film.

“We’re staying in Atlanta,” Johns confirmed for TVLine — in part, he quipped, “because we’ve already built our giant robot!”

As for the other issues, Johns took a moment before delivering a most thoughtful response:

Listen, we have an amazing team, an amazing cast, amazing writers, and we’re going to deliver the best show possible. Our goal is to deliver a show that is cinematic and different than all the other shows and is of the utmost quality, and we have a lot of talented people to do that. The pacing, the tone, the world… we’ve already established that, and we have the best VFX house [in Zoic]; they’re not going anywhere.

Though Johns did not directly confirm that the Season 2 budget would be smaller, in the course of our conversation he noted that the sizeable “startup” costs for the development and refinement of recurring VFX such as the animated Cosmic Staff and S.T.R.I.P.E. robot are now behind them.

Startup costs are always the most expensive, obviously — the building and testing, and a lot of that we’ve already done. We have some new things to get into, which is exciting, but we wouldn’t do Season 2 if we didn’t think we could make it as good as Season 1, but different. We’re going to explore different story, different thematics, different avenues for the characters. We’re all working incredibly hard on this because we’re so proud of Season 1, and we want Season 2 to be even better. That’s our goal, nothing less.

Did Johns allay any concerns, from even the most skeptical of you?

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