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Stargirl's Brec Bassinger: Cliffhanger From Part 1 of Finale 'Broke My Heart'

Stargirl 1x13 STRIPE Pat Fight

If you thought you saw Courtney’s heart sink as Part 1 of DC’s Stargirl‘s season finale came to a close, know that series star Brec Bassinger’s did as well, when she read that unsettling scene for the first time.

“Oh, my heart broke!” the actress tells TVLine of Courtney realizing that Brainwave has taken over stepdad Pat’s mind and is about to have S.T.R.I.P.E. throw a robotic knockout punch at Stargirl. “In Episode 11, they finally hugged, so you’re like, ‘Oh yes, they love each other. It’s great, it’s grand.’ And then… this happens!”

As you can imagine, when the face-off resumes in Part 2 (streaming Monday on DC Universe and airing Tuesday on The CW), things get quite intense and super-emotional as the clock ticks down to when the Injustice Society’s mass brainwashing is complete. And as teased in photos and as new promo, there are fights ahead for Stargirl, Wild Cat, Hourman et al that are “epic, for sure,” Bassinger attests. “I can’t say anything more, but they’re epic.” 

As for whether anyone from either side winds up permanently down for the count, a coy Bassinger “won’t confirm… or deny.” But she does disclose that mean girl/wannabe supervillain Cindy, who has been locked up for too long by her demented daddy, Dr. Ito aka Dragon King, will get free and “do more of her thing” as the blade-happy Shiv. (But to what end?)

Stargirl Preview Geoff JohnsIn the Q&A below, Bassinger reflects on her freshman run as Stargirl, reveals how the “Quarantine 15” has proven kryptonite to her supersuit, and teases the final moments of next week’s grand finale.

TVLINE | What has this first season been like for you, as the Stargirl of DC’s Stargirl?
It’s been interesting, because I’ve been [quarantined] at home for so much of it. I’ve gotten recognized once, because I just don’t go out. Nothing’s open! But I had my mask on and sunglasses — I have to tell this story, because it’s so exciting for me! — and I was talking to this security guard. He goes, “Take off your sunglasses.” I was like, “Um, OK, why?” He was like, “You know why.” So I slowly took them off, and he was like, “You know why… Stargirl.” I fangirled more than he fangirled, because I was so freaking excited to meet a random person who loves this show. He was so into it, and it was the best feeling. My heart was so thrilled.

TVLINE | And as an actress, how have you grown over these first 13 episodes headlining a show? Did you feel like you learned a thing or two?
Of course. I’m very critical of myself — it’s one of my best and worst characteristics — so in watching myself, I’ve seen things I want to do differently in Season 2. Like, when to comes to the fight scenes — I had never done anything like that before, or worked with green screen, so to see what it looks like when I’m riding on S.T.R.I.P.E.’s back or when I’m fighting with the staff and not just a light pole [prop], I feel like I can take what I’ve seen and make my performance that much more authentic.

Stargirl TrailerTVLINE | What is it like when you see an episode edited together with all of the visual effects? Because when watching next week’s Part 2 of the finale, I was repeatedly blown away by how it kept upping the game.
Yeah! It always exceeds my expectations. [We then discuss one particularly impressive brawl. No spoilers!]  When I watch it, I’m getting to see completely new things, which is always fascinating.

TVLINE | Was it difficult playing the recent scenes between Courtney and Sam (guest star Geoff Stults)? Because no one wants to be dismissive of their own dad.
Those scenes were difficult but not for the reason of dismissiveness. Throughout the season, Courtney has been in search for this fatherly connection. She felt she got it [with Starman] through the Cosmic Staff. While finding out the staff wasn’t that connection was difficult, Courtney couldn’t help but hang on to the idea of her father being in her life… until, well, it was no longer an idea. Trying to find the balance between distrust, confusion and over everything else, the desire for fatherly love, was the difficult part of those scenes.

Stargirl Season 1 Finale

TVLINE | What sort of emotions will viewers be going through next week, during the season’s final moments?
I cried. I’ve watched the finale a couple of times, and every single time I cried. The last scene is so beautiful. It wrapped the season up so perfectly.

TVLINE | Tell me about your reaction to the Season 2 renewal news. Luke Wilson joked that you both were a bit bummed to have to start eating healthy again.
[Laughs] OK, the “Quarantine 15” has been great. I’ve eaten a lot of takeout food and I loved every minute of it. But my supersuit would not fit right now, so it has inspired me to start eating a little healthier. I feel good about that, though, because I have a reason, I have a purpose now.

TVLINE | Will you be back filming in Georgia for Season 2 (airing exclusively on The CW)?
Yes. As far as I know, that’s the plan.

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