His Dark Materials Season 2: Lyra's Quest Continues in New Teaser Trailer

There certainly is a knife in His Dark Materials‘ Season 2, but there’s not much that’s subtle about it.

The HBO fantasy drama’s new teaser trailer dropped Thursday, in conjunction with the show’s Comic-Con @ Home panel. From the new footage, it seems that Season 2 of the adaptation will deal mainly with the events of The Subtle Knife, the middle installment of Philip Pullman’s trilogy of novels. (As longtime fans of the books know, a small bit from the beginning of The Subtle Knife was briefly introduced in Season 1.)

In the roughly 90-second video, we see Lyra and Will in Cittagaze, talking about how they’re from different worlds. Miss Coulter warns someone that there are a lot of people looking for Lyra, and not all of them are good. A bloody Lee Scoresby reminds everyone that he promised to protect the very special little girl. And the witches are up to their usual, witchy ways. Plus: We definitely get a peek at one of the major turning points for Will (hint: OUCH!) in the season to come. 

The fantasy drama will return to HBO this fall. In the meantime, press PLAY on the video above to watch the teaser yourself, then go to the Comments to let us know what you think! 

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