Hawaii Five-0: Deleted Series Finale Scene Reveals a Cliffhanger for the Season 11 That Will Never Be

One of the Hawaii Five-0 team members is paid a visit by a very ominous individual in this deleted scene from the series finale that aired April 3 on CBS.

As TVLine previously reported, multiple small cliffhangers were cut from the CBS series’ grand finale once it was decided that there would in fact be no Season 11. One of the scenes involved a relationship beat between Tani and Junior (played by Meaghan Rath and Buelah Koale), where the former discovers that the latter has been somewhat supporting the family of the ex whose boyfriend he killed (in Season 9, Episode 16).

One of the other deleted finale moments appears above. In the exclusive TVLine clip, Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) is greeted at HQ by a most unwelcome guest — Ryo (Michael Hagiwara), a Yakuza bigwig —  who comes bearing news that portends to have the lawman being ever more mindful of his actions and occasional interactions with the Japanese crime syndicate. (As you’ll recall, Adam was under the Yakuza’s thumb for some of the final season, until he betrayed them bigtime.) Press play above to hear the stern warning given to Adam, ahead of the Season 11 that would never be.

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