Legends Boss Warns Season 6 Won't Be 'Smooth Sailing' for Sara and Ava

Legends of Tomorrow Sara/Ava

When your girlfriend has been abducted by aliens, your relationship is bound to experience a few hiccups. That’s the scenario that Legends of Tomorrow‘s Sara and Ava are facing after the Season 5 finale, in which the Waverider captain was taken by extraterrestrial beings, unbeknownst to her lady.

“Having Sara gone is the most interesting shift in the dynamic” for the upcoming sixth season, co-showrunner Phil Klemmer tells TVLine. “When a family loses a parent, and a bunch of children, Party of Five-style, have to raise themselves, it’s gonna be really interesting. It’s also going to afford Sara a chance to have a separate storyline.” (In other words, don’t expect the blonde to return to her friends in the first act of Episode 601, Klemmer says.)

Sara’s distance from the timeship will also impact her otherwise stable romance with Ava, as both women try to “function in each other’s absence,” Klemmer previews. “They’re totally capable of doing so, but it’s like they don’t want to. It’s not like they can’t. It’s not like Sara can’t survive being taken hostage and taken away to whatever alien dimension. It’s not that Ava couldn’t step up and fill Sara’s shoes. But it’s just like it’s painful, and that’s obviously not what they want to do.”

While there are “always obstacles” for “Avalance,” such as Sara’s blindness this past season and Ava’s insecurities about her place on the team, “it seems like the complications come from the outside,” Klemmer notes. “I don’t think they’re the kind of couple who’s going to sleep with somebody else or blow up their relationship. But they are walking a tightrope with just the responsibilities that they both bear. Season 6 is not going to be smooth sailing, but it’s not going to be a soap opera either.”

For Klemmer, it’s important that the pair’s storyline continues to evolve “the way that relationships grow in real life,” he adds. “I want to make sure that they’re taking on kind of new and more like grown-up relationship issues. I don’t want to feel like we’re just circling the same, like, dating issues, because let’s be honest, they’re not dating now. They’re something that’s much more close to being like married. The stakes go up the longer you’re with somebody. You’re kind of inextricable and vulnerable. So we want to make sure that they feel like they’re always growing.”

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 is slated to debut midseason 2021 on The CW.