Search Party Season 3 Finale Recap: The Verdict Is In — Are Dory and Drew Heading for the Slammer?

Search Party Season 3 Finale Recap

We’re no legal experts, but firing your representation right before the verdict for your murder trial drops? That’s… a choice.

Look, we all know Dory and Drew are guilty, but parting ways with lawyer Cassidy Diamond on the sole basis of her not believing their (fake) story is absurd! Is Dory so invested in her lies that she actually believes they’re innocent? It seems she may have also parted ways with her sanity and rationality.

So Dory’s going to tackle the rest of the trial herself, but before we return to court, we start with Chantal who receives a troubling phone call from William telling her to burn everything. Seconds later, the FBI busts in claiming she’s under arrest for securities fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering and a slew of other crimes. Will Season 4 be held entirely in prison? (Yeah, we’d still watch that.)

At a meeting with the four (former?) friends, Drew slams the murder weapon down on the table, demanding to know what happened to April. Portia, who now seems all rekindled with Dory following her rat-infested kidnapping, jumps to Dory’s defense. Dory denies knowing April’s whereabouts, but Drew doesn’t believe her. “Will you just admit that we killed Keith because you don’t even say that anymore?” He thinks her brain is sick and that she actually thinks she’s innocent, which causes him to start losing his mind. “You remember the obelisk, Dory?” he asks. “I never touched that obelisk… you did,” she replies. He counters: “I don’t know who you are. I miss the old Dory.”

Their day of reckoning finally comes and in court, we’re treated to this magical exchange:

Portia: “Ell, do you think we’re the most famous people in the world right now?”
Elliot: “I hope so.”
Portia: “Me too.”

Do we love these people, hate them, or love to hate them? I can’t even tell anymore, but I think it might be Option No. 1.

Prosecutor Polly gives her closing statement, homing in on Dory’s DNA being found at the crime scene and, more or less, just annihilating her character.

The time comes for Dory to give her closing statement, and she tells the court she isn’t afraid of what people think of her anymore. Despite being called a slut and a murderer and evil, she can see why Polly said what she did. But she quadruples-down on the “fact” that she didn’t do it. The police reports don’t tell the full story, she says. “I can’t know something that I don’t know, and I can’t make up answers because that wouldn’t be the truth. But what I didn’t know is that it is so scary what could happen when you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

She continues on, saying that she misses Keith. He was her friend and it’s awful to be accused of murdering a friend. She turns to tell Drew that she hopes they can move past this and get married. “I don’t even know who I am anymore. Inside, I’m just a little girl who wants to go home. I’m lost and I’m broken and I just want to go home, please, please,” she begs the jury. It’s such a phenomenal performance that it’s hard to tell whether or not Dory believes her own lies at this point.

When the verdict is in, the judge calls the jury back into the courtroom. The foreman reads the results and the jury finds the defendants: not guilty.

Polly barks at the jurors, telling them that they’re all stupid. “Watch where you go because murderers are walking around! Stupid!” (Michaela Watkins is always a treat, isn’t she?)

After court is adjourned, Dory walks into the hallway in a daze, until Polly catches up to her. “Today may not be your reckoning, but there will be one. I guarantee it,” Polly says. Hmm, a bit of foreshadowing there?

Dory goes back to her apartment and takes a long, hard look in the mirror. She smiles, but then sees visions of April and Keith behind her. They aren’t there, of course, but once Dory reclaims her senses, she’s tackled hard off-screen and knocked unconscious. Her stalker apparently isn’t dead, as formerly reported, and we see him reflected in that very same mirror.

We cut back to the shaved, prison-Dory we saw in the first episode. Only she’s not in prison. She’s chained to a chair and being held captive by her stalker. (So, uhh, can we have Season 4 now-ish?)

Did Drew and Dory deserve to go free? Grade the finale and season below, then tell us your thoughts in the Comments!

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