Drag Race All Stars Sneak Peek: Mayhem Miller Calls Out Miz Cracker For 'Not Feeling Authentic'

Miz Cracker will Ru the day she decided to mess with Ongina. As seen in this sneak peek from Friday’s Drag Race All Stars (VH1, 8/7c), the queens haven’t forgotten what Cracker said to Ongina atop last week’s episode — and they want an explanation.

“My intention was to say, ‘Ongina, I want you to believe in yourself because I need to see that,'” Cracker says. “I went about it wrong. I should have said that, not what I said.”

Unsurprisingly, the queens aren’t buying it. “I don’t believe none of this,” Mayhem Miller says. “I’m just going to be real. I smell shenanigans, foolery and some tricks and shows. It’s not feeling authentic.”

“All I can do is apologize and say I was wrong,” Cracker replies, to which Alexis Mateo points out that it’s easy for Cracker to admit this now that it’s over. Moving forward, Alexis says, “I want to get to know everybody for real. If I don’t trust you, I’m going to go against you.”

But wait, there’s more. Jujubee then chimes in about what Alexis said to Cracker, saying, “I think you’re playing head games — and it’s working on some of these bitches.”

So, to recap: Cracker upset Ongina, which irked Mayhem, which riled up Alexis, which troubled Jujubee. Just another day in the All Stars 5 werkroom.

The clip also lays out this week’s maxi challenge, which requires the queens to team up and design a “signature suite for a five-star Ru-tique hotel.” Cracker is matched with Mariah Paris Balenciaga and Shea Coulee (who’s “feeling $20,000 richer” after last week’s win); Jujubee is joined by India Ferrah and Alexis; and Mayhem is paired with Blair St. Clair.

May the best ho(telier)s win!

Hit PLAY on the video above for a sneak peek of Friday’s Drag Race All Stars, then drop a comment with your thoughts below. Are the queens being too hard on Cracker — or not hard enough?