Zoey's Playlist Boss Hints Season 2 May Explore How Zoey Got Her Powers

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Spoilers

Now that Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist has been renewed for Season 2 (yay!), there’s another burning question that needs to be addressed: Why hasn’t the titular heroine sought out answers about how she acquired the ability to hear people’s “heart songs”?

In the Season 1 finale, Zoey came face-to-face with a hospital MRI machine, the same device in which she first developed her special powers. But rather than getting a follow-up scan, she just stared at the MRI room with a mixture of fear, confusion and curiosity. In fact, Zoey spent most of the show’s freshman run figuring out the rules of her abilities, with the help of her neighbor/friend Mo, but not their origin or what they could possibly mean in regards to her own health.

“I think that it’s very easy to get into the mythology of it all and like, ‘Why her? Why the powers? How did it happen?'” showrunner Austin Winsberg tells TVLine. “I just think that there are a lot of mythology questions that could be asked.” Winsberg acknowledges that those mysteries are “interesting,” but he “didn’t want [them] to overwhelm the more personal stories in the first season.”

Looking ahead, “I feel like that’s something that we can continue to explore,” Winsberg adds, “and I like kind of leaning into the mythology a little bit, but not at the expense of the human dynamics and characters and relationships, which I think are more important. So that’s something that I want to continue to explore and play with, going forward, and perhaps that could become a bigger part of the storyline in Season 2.”

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