Abby Lee Miller Reality Show Cancelled at Lifetime After Her Racist Dance Moms Remarks Are Revealed

Abby Lee Miller Racist Comments Dance Moms LIfetime

Abby Lee Miller’s relationship with Lifetime has come to an abrupt end.

The network cancelled its upcoming Abby’s Virtual Dance-Off series Friday after the mother of a Dance Moms dancer posted on social media that Miller, who stars in that series as well, had made racist remarks to her daughter during the filming of Season 8. EW.com first reported the cancellation.

Adriana Smith, whose daughter Kamryn took part in the reality series’ most recent season, mocked Miller for posting a Blackout Tuesday square on Instagram to support the Black Lives Matter movement. “I couldn’t think of a more perfect day to address my experience with Abby Lee Miller,” Smith wrote in a lengthy Instagram post. “A statement from her that sticks in my mind to this day… is ‘I know you grew up in the HOOD with only a box of 8 crayons, but I grew up in the Country Club with a box of 64.'”

Smith also says that Kamryn once overheard someone affiliated with the show saying she was included because “they need a sprinkle of color.”

On Thursday, Miller posted on her Instagram account that “I genuinely understand and deeply regret how my words have effected [sic] and hurt those around me in the past, particularly those in the Black community.” In a response on her own account, Smith wrote, “At this time, I do not accept Abby’s apology because her apology was not sincere. My daughter and I have yet to hear directly from Abby Lee Miller. Moreover, she didn’t even bother to tag me or Kamryn in her post. How else would we know she apologized?”

Abby’s Virtual Dance-Off was slated to premiere in June but will not air at all. In addition, per EW, Miller will not return to Dance Moms if it is renewed for Season 9.