47 'Missing' Summer TV Shows: Which Are Simply Delayed? And Which Did You (Whoops!) Forget Got Cancelled?

Summer TV Cancelled Delayed

Though this summer’s TV schedule offers plenty for you to close out the quarantine with, the fact is that some major players — including Animal Kingdom, Younger, Pose and Wynonna Earp — remain MIA. Well, TVLine is here to reassure you about which ones will one day return, and which summer staples you perhaps forgot got cancelled long ago.

In the handy alphabetical gallery (click here for direct access), we’ve checked in on the very latest status of more than 40 scripted and reality-TV shows that are well known as “summertime fare.”  Of course, the pandemic-related shutdown is responsible for many of them not being able to yet schedule their new seasons. Yet there are also a few that never intended to be back this summer, plus a handful that (ack!) got the hook after their most recent runs ended.

Will American Ninja Warrior swing back into action before September arrives? Will Claws be taking any appointments this July? Has Grand Hotel been shuttered for good? And is there still a chance that Big Brother will open its doors this summer? Stop wondering and get answers now!

But first: Be sure to review the actual summer calendar before declaring your fave “missing.”

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