The Baker and the Beauty Boss on Renewal Odds: 'I'm Optimistic, But...'

The Baker and the Beauty Renewed or Cancelled

Daniel and Noa’s romance on The Baker and the Beauty isn’t the only thing in limbo when it comes to the ABC dramedy: The show has yet to receive a pickup for a second season.

“We have Season 2 all mapped out, and we know the network is excited about it, which is good,” showrunner Dean Georgaris tells TVLine. “It just makes it all the more edge-of-your-seat, if you’re us, for the next month or whatever it is before they make their decision.”

Georgaris notes that “it’s a business,” but ABC has “been incredibly supportive. They believe in the show, and they understand what we’re trying to do, and my hope is that there’ll still be room for us. I’m optimistic, but you do never know,” especially given the current state of the world.

“Particularly in this environment with a pandemic and things shut down, there is no business as usual,” Georgaris adds. Referring to the Alphabet net’s recent renewal spree, which also included five cancellations, he continues, “I think ABC had shows that made sense across the board that they knew they had to bring back. They had shows that they love, but they knew they couldn’t [renew] for whatever reason. And then they’ve got us and For Life, which I think are two shows they really want to bring back, and the hope is that there’s a road map to do it.”

The Baker and the Beauty‘s two-hour (season?) finale airs this coming Monday at 9/8c on ABC.

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