Watchmen Goes Deep on an 'Extremely Dangerous Character' — WATCH

If you haven’t seen HBO’s Watchmen in the nearly six months since its finale, consider this your giant squid-sized Spoiler Alert: The video we’re about to discuss is very cool and very intriguing — but it’s also very filled with images and information that gives away plot points for those who haven’t viewed the show or read the comics.

But if you’re ready to talk about clones, dining-room massacres and some seriously purple attire? By all means, join us in exploring this special bonus feature clip from the limited series’ Blu-ray and DVD, which will be available on Tuesday, June 2.

The video features executive producer/director Nicole Kassell and story editor Jeff Jensen talking about Adrian Veidt, whom readers of the comic series will recognize as the superhero Ozymandias. In the decades since the events of the comics, Veidt (played by Oscar winner Jeremy Irons) has become “an extremely dangerous character,” Kassell says.

As visuals of Veidt’s handiwork flash across the screen — his temper tantrum-turned-bloodbath at the manor, his late-night clone harvesting in the rowboat — Kassell points out that the guy ain’t right. “He is clearly a psychopath,” she says. “He is missing a degree of empathy and an ability to connect.”

Tom Mison’s Mr. Phillips and Sarah Vickers’ Miss Crookshanks also figure prominently in the video, naturally, as they are Veidt’s only companions during his banishment.

Press PLAY on the clip above to watch Irons in all his Veidt-y glory, then hit the comments: Are you planning a Watchmen rewatch anytime soon?

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