Will The Good Fight's Makeshift Season Finale Resolve the Memo 618 Mystery?

The Good Fight Season 4 Finale

A payoff to The Good Fight‘s heavily-marketed, season-long “What is Memo 618?” mystery will be absent from this week’s coronavirus-compromised finale, but narrative closure is coming — albeit not until 2021.

As we previously reported, the CBS drama’s three remaining Season 4 episodes — production of which was delayed due to the pandemic — will not be shot. As a result, the season will conclude with Episode 7 (debuting Thursday on CBS All Access).

In an interview with TVLine, series co-creators Robert and Michelle King confirm that they plan to “cherry pick” elements of the three un-produced episodes and incorporate them into the just-ordered fifth season (due in 2021). And one of those elements is a resolution to the politically-tinged Memo 618 arc.

“The Memo 618 storyline will still be [relevant] next [season], it may just have a different coloring — especially if there is a new [president],” explains Robert King. “But some version of it will still be there, because I think the current administration has shown it can exploit what is an inequality that is systemic and make it purposeful in a way. There’s no accountability because it’s being run as if it were a crime family.”

The Kings previously acknowledged that their inability to finish out Season 4 leaves “the story in even more absurd a place than usual.” And after screening said finale, we can confirm that they are not even remotely kidding.

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