The Best and (Mostly) Worst TV Wigs of the Decade, Chosen by Our Readers

Best Worst TV Wigs List Photos Walking Dead Outlander

We may be running out of new television shows to watch these days, but we’ll never run out of notable TV wigs — with your help, that is.

Back in March, we here at TVLine looked back on the past decade of TV and plucked out the best and worst wigs worn by actors on our favorite shows, from Game of Thrones to This Is Us. (To be clear, these are wigs worn by the actors that are supposed to be the character’s real hair, not characters wearing wigs as a disguise, a la The Americans.) We thought we had done a comprehensive survey… but then your reader comments reminded us of a dozen more good and (well, mostly) bad wigs we’d failed to include. (And you definitely had some smart choices!)

So in the interest of being thorough, we’re presenting a gallery of more TV wigs chosen by you, our eagle-eyed readers, from The Walking Dead to Outlander and all points in between. Check out the gallery to the right — or click here for direct access — to see which fake TV hairdos caught your eye, and hit the comments if there’s still an exceptionally good or bad TV wig missing from our list. 

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