The Good Fight: Hugh Dancy Discusses 'Taboo' Romance With Audra McDonald and the Appeal of Playing Someone Who Is Decent and Sane

The Good Fight Season 1

In the wake of their hush-hush hookup, Good Fight attorneys Liz and Caleb find themselves in close quarters once again in this week’s episode (premiering Thursday on CBS All Access). However, this time around, their intimacy is driven by business not pleasure; the pair are tasked with co-defending a soldier who stands accused of sabotaging the weapon of his superior officer. The fact that former military man Caleb has a personal stake in the case — he once served alongside the defendant — adds an extra layer of tension to a situation already bursting with it, thanks to the aforementioned interoffice dalliance.

Below, Caleb’s portrayer, special Season 4 guest star Hugh Dancy, discusses navigating the #MeToo minefield with fellow Broadway vet Audra McDonald and gives us an update on his life in quarantine with wife Claire Danes and their two sons.

TVLINE | How are you and Claire holding up in isolation? 
We’re doing great, relatively speaking. We have nothing to complain about. We’re comfortable and we’re well. That said, it’s super weird for everyone. We’ve been [quarantined in] New York since the beginning of Spring Break — I think of it all in terms of the school calendar. [Laughs] My [older] son is on the computer half of the day with his teachers.

TVLINE | Were you a fan of The Good Fight prior to joining the cast this season?
I hadn’t seen the show. But after reading the [first] script I loved how they [tackled] these issues with real intent and detail and comedy under the guise of this legal drama. That was the first draw. The second [draw] was getting to work with Audra in a really fun dynamic. And it did not hurt that the show shot in New York [where we live].

TVLINE | Did you and Audra’s paths ever cross during your Broadway days?
If they ever crossed paths it would’ve been just a polite hello. Audra kind of is Broadway. [Laughs]

TVLINE | You’ve played so many shady characters of late [The Path, Homeland, etc.] that I found myself very suspicious of Caleb, who, at first blush, seems like an upstanding, decent, mentally stable guy. I was waiting for the scene where we followed him home only discover a freezer full of body parts. Has it been a nice change of pace to put on the white hat?
It has been. I don’t know if I would describe him as an overt good guy, but, yes, that was really appealing. He seems complicated but also decent.

TVLINE | The relationship between Caleb and Liz feels dangerous in the era of #MeToo. How complicated does their dynamic get as the season progresses?
This is the balance the show hits quite well. It’s trying to take that [situation] seriously, but it’s also playing it not just for laughs but on a sort of broad level. Should they be [having an affair]? I’m not exactly familiar about the rules of office relationships but I think the answer is no. [Laughs] Part of the attraction is that it’s taboo; they know they should not be doing it. They’re both grown up enough to acknowledge to each other that part of the appeal is that it’s taboo. Not only is he her boss, but there’s the interracial [element], too. How often do you see that whole mix on TV?

TVLINE | Marissa clearly has a crush on Caleb. Does that become an extra layer of conflict moving forward?
I think that [flirtation] was a little bit of a deliberate red herring before things [took off] between him and Liz. It’s possible that if she is attracted to him that once she, or anyone else, discovers that he is having a fling with Liz [further] complications [could arise].

TVLINE | Have you been given any indication as to when the show will be able to go back into production to complete this season’s remaining three episodes?
No. I don’t think anyone knows. I just read this morning that Tyler Perry is going back into production on [The Oval and Sistas] in July. He seems to be the first person who is trying to figure out how to do it. It helps that he’s flying the cast in on his private plane. [Laughs]