HTGAWM: 7 Burning Questions We Need Answered in the Series Finale

HTGAWM Series Finale

How to Get Away With Murder‘s twist-filled storylines have had us theorizing and dissecting for years. But after six surprising seasons, we’re almost out of time to get our remaining questions answered.

The ABC drama will come to a close with Thursday’s series finale (10/9c), leaving just one more hour for the show to wrap up its many unresolved storylines. To that end, before we find out what really awaits Annalise Keating and her band of misfits, we’ve identified seven burning questions we’d like to get answered in Murder‘s final episode.

Fortunately, there’s reason to believe that at least a few of these loose threads will get tied up, and not just because Murder has a history of dropping big reveals in its season finales. Additionally, series creator Pete Nowalk told TVLine last fall — ahead of the Season 6 premiere — that “at this point, I just want to reveal everything” to viewers who are seeking closure.

“There will be certain things where I want people’s imaginations to do the work,” Nowalk teased at the time. “But I like a good murder mystery. I want to know what happened. The people who have stuck with us have been so patient, and they’re like, ‘Ugh! I got an answer, but here’s another question.’ I really just want to give an answer.”

And heading into Thursday’s swan song, there are still plenty of questions on the table: Who was responsible for Hannah Keating’s death? Is Wes Gibbins really still alive somehow? And will any of these characters actually, y’know, get away with murder?

Scroll through the attached gallery — or click here for direct access — to see the seven burning questions that are still on our minds, then drop a comment with the mysteries you most want solved in the finale.