The Office Cast Recreates Jim/Pam Wedding Dancing for a Zoom Marriage

The cast of The Office helped a Maryland couple celebrate their marriage in true Dunder-Mifflin style, by recreating the very memorable procession at Jim and Pam’s own wedding.

On his weekly quarantine series, Some Good News, Office alum John Krasinski cued up a montage of some of the socially distant ways that couples have been tying the knot during the pandemic. Krasinski then cues up (at the 7:30 mark above) a home video of a question-popping that seemed all too familiar to him, where John of the aforementioned Maryland couple got down on bended knee outside a gas station convenience store and proposed to his love Susan — just as The Office‘s Jim Halpert did with Pam Beesly.

Krasinski had been invited to Office superfans Susan and John’s upcoming wedding, but he offered them one better by revealing that he had just been ordained online, and was ready to wed them here and now!

He then did them two better (at the 14:30 mark) by pressing play on Chris Brown’s “Forever” and populating the Zoom conference screen with more than a dozen Office costars all dancing to the tune, with many recreating very specific moves from their sashay down the church aisle in the memorable Season 6 episode.

I know, I know — virtual cast reunions are a dime a dozen during these quarantimes (in fact, we have listed many of them right here). But this one struck a chord with this Office fan, so cue it up at the 14:30 mark above, and then compare it to the NBC comedy’s actual wedding procession below.