HTGAWM Series Finale: Asher Returns in Nightmarish Deleted Scene — Watch

HTGAWM Asher Dead

Here’s one more How to Get Away With Murder mystery to add to the pile: Is Asher Millstone alive?!

Ahead of the ABC drama’s series finale (airing Thursday at 10/9c), series creator Pete Nowalk has shared a deleted scene from the upcoming episode, which had to be cut for time.

“Deleted scene alert: We only had 43 minutes for our final, so here’s @MattMcGorry in his final #HTGAWM scene,” Nowalk wrote. “Thank you Matt for bringing heart, laughter & one-of-a-kind dance moves to all of us.”

In the scene embedded below, Matt McGorry’s character — whose death, via a fireplace poker to the head, has been a major focus of these final installments — makes a shocking reappearance in Connor’s kitchen, revealing that the FBI faked his death and he’ll be a surprise witness in Annalise’s trial. But just when Connor seems to believe what his resurrected friend is telling him, their reunion takes an even more jarring turn.

Elsewhere in the series finale, titled “Stay,” a different surprise witness threatens Annalise’s case, while Connor tries to persuade the Keating Three to go along with a new plan. Meanwhile, a lie between Frank and Bonnie puts their relationship in peril, and Annalise’s killer is finally revealed, per the synopsis. (Not mentioned, however, is whether we’ll learn the identity of Hannah Keating’s killer.)

Take a look at the HTGAWM deleted scene below, then drop a comment with your latest theories about how the series finale will unfold.


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