Run Recap: Throw Billy From the Train

Run Season 1 Episode 5

Look before you leap is a proverb worth abiding by… unless someone steals your bag of cash and jumps off a train. Then, I guess you just gotta take the plunge!

The premise of Run hits a whole new level this week when Fiona, Billy’s former assistant, steals his money and blackmails Ruby with a recording of her and Billy’s sexcapade. On Sunday’s episode, running turns into chasing, and before the half-hour is through, the comedy takes a very dark turn.

We start with a flashback of Billy pitching his “run” story with Ruby before it actually happens. He’s speaking to a future book publisher, as Fiona records him on a phone. “Whatever happens next will be the premise of the new book deal you’re about to offer me.” Forward, yes, and also super shady. And manipulative.

In the present, seconds after Fiona bails out of the moving train, Ruby and Billy can’t stop screaming. Before they can agree on a plan, Ruby bites the bullet and dives off after her, forcing Billy to follow suit. Ruby’s adrenaline-filled reaction after surviving the jump is just one of the reasons why Merritt Wever is so fun to watch. That energy! That relatability! We’re here for it. (Wever’s prowess comes as no surprise; she recently received an Honorable Mention for TVLine’s Performer of the Week.)

The two see Fiona jogging across a field with the bag, and the chase is on! The duo spots a house in the middle of nowhere, and they knock before blatantly trespassing. They meander upstairs following a noise, where they find Fiona patching herself up in a bathroom. She’s got a knife and she’s still pretty dang cantankerous. After a scuffle, Fiona cuts Ruby’s finger and tries to escape, but when she drops the knife, Ruby recovers it.

Fiona throws the money out of a window and tries to dive out, but Billy stops her just as Laurence calls Ruby. She picks up, but tells him she has to call him back, despite his escalating fury. After a bit of a wrestling match, Fiona falls right out the window to her death, impaling herself on some hay bale spikes below. Ruby’s phone rings again and Laurence demands to know if she’s “with him.” She lies. He tells her he’ll pick her up on Friday, but when the two hang up, we see that Laurence already knows about the “run” texts.

Despite freaking out over Fiona’s dead body, Ruby convinces Billy to leave the scene without calling the authorities. They grab the money and skedaddle. Unbeknownst to them, a man flees out of the house’s front door. Apparently, he was inside the whole time!

As they make their getaway, day turns to night and they quickly find themselves lost. They meet a woman named Laurel (played by Fleabag‘s Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who also executive-produces), a local taxidermist who’s standing over a dead badger. She agrees to give them a lift if they’ll help her load the carcass in her van. Seems like a fair trade. (Sidebar: Thoughts on Waller-Bridge’s American accent, anyone?)

Laurel drives them to the nearest train station, where Ruby gives her a long embrace of gratitude. Once inside, Billy asks Ruby if she’s surprised herself by how she’s acted during all this. She nods. “Have I surprised you?” she asks in return. “I’m glad you’re here with me,” he says.

In the bathroom, Ruby accidentally dumps her bag and realizes she can’t find her phone. After she screams a gazillion F-bombs, Billy realizes they have to go back for it. The episode ends with both of them massively panicking, and Billy joining in on the profanity.

How else will Laurel fit into this madness? Will Ruby’s phone incriminate them both? Drop your theories in the Comments below! 

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