Pants-less Reporter Reveals a Bit Too Much on Good Morning America — Video

Reporter No Pants Good Morning America Will Reeve Video

ABC reporter Will Reeve came up a bit short — er, shorts — during his Good Morning America live hit Tuesday.

During a segment on pharmacies using drones to deliver medicine to customers, Reeve appeared on camera from his home. Everything appeared normal during the set-up piece with hosts Michael Strahan and Amy Robach… until the graphics at the bottom of the screen went away, and Reeve looked like he was sporting nothing more than boxer shorts with his blazer and collared shirt.

The morning chatfest’s viewers didn’t take long to start posting photos of the ill-framed shot on social media.

Reeve first tried to explain, tweeting “We’re our own camera operators these days when we broadcast from home.” He later good-naturedly responded to many of the jibes, assuring viewers that he was wearing shorts — and not just underwear — and that he would not be getting any work as a camera operator anytime soon.

“Man, the more I look at this, the more thigh I see,” he tweeted. “Yikes.”

He added, “I have ARRIVED* *in the most hilariously mortifying way possible.”

The good people at Mediaite have video of Reeve’s oops! segment, in case you want to see His Thighness for yourself. If/when GMA releases the segment, we’ll add it here ASAP.

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