TVLine Readers Pick Their 12 Favorite Two-Season Shows (That We Missed)

Best TV Shows Two Seasons Reader Picks

The list of TV shows that only lasted two seasons is a veritable goldmine, it turns out… and one that keeps on giving.

Last week, we here at TVLine chose and ranked our 22 favorite two-season TV shows of all time, and while our readers seemed to agree for the most part with our selections, you did point out some very notable omissions. Some of your suggestions, we considered but just didn’t rank as highly as the shows that made it… and some, we actually loved and just missed entirely. (Timeless? Trial & Error? Yeah, those are our bad.)

So to thank you for a lively discussion, we’ve rounded up a dozen more two-and-done TV shows, all of which clearly made a lasting impression on our readers, in spite of their brief lifespans. And since we wanted your voice to be fully heard this time, we’ve also included your comments along with each show. So check out the gallery to the right — or click here for direct access — to see which neglected two-season shows you and your fellow TVLine readers championed the most. Plus, we’re always listening, so hit us up with your favorite two-season shows (we still missed a few, right?) in the comments below.

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