TV's 22 Greatest Two-Season Shows of All Time — And We Ranked 'Em, Too!

Best TV Shows Two Seasons

We all have our favorite one-and-done TV shows… but what about that less common species: the two-and-done TV show?

It’s rare for a series to get renewed for a second season and then cancelled before reaching Season 3 — you’d think if a network went to the trouble of renewing a show, they’d stick with it for a while, right? — but it does happen on occasion, whether due to rapidly plummeting ratings, the departure of friendly executives or just plain bad luck. (CBS’ God Friended Me just joined the club this week, in fact.) As a result, the two-season show is a strange bird indeed, with many fondly remembered cult favorites among its ranks.

But which two-season shows are our favorites? We here at TVLine scanned through the history books to unearth the absolute best two-and-dones ever aired… and the list contains some of our favorite shows of all time, actually. Plus, just to make it interesting (and to start a few arguments), we went ahead and ranked them, too. (Note: We didn’t include UK series, so classics like Fawlty Towers and The Office don’t count.) Check out the gallery to the right — or click here for direct access — to find out which shows made our list (and which one ended up at #1), and then hit the comments below to tell us your favorites and remind us of any gems we missed.

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