The Voice: The 8 Singers Likeliest to Make Season 18's Semi-Final, Ranked

The Voice Top 8 Predictions Season 18 Photos

To a degree, there is just no predicting The Voice. Before Season 18’s Knockouts, would you have said that there was a snowball’s chance in hell that John Legend would dump frontrunner Thunderstorm Artis in favor of Mandi Castillo? Or that Kelly Clarkson would allow promising Tayler Green to be eliminated so that she could keep the significantly less promising Micah Iverson?

OK, maybe you would’ve; we are used to the occasional boneheaded move by the coaches. Anyway, whether there is or isn’t a reliable formula for predicting the outcome of the NBC sing-off, TVLine has decided to give doing so a go once more. And hey, you could do worse than to put a little faith in our prognosticating abilities; six of the 10 vocalists whose Blind Auditions we singled out as the season’s best are advancing to the Live Playoffs (with the fate of a seventh yet to be decided by the inaugural four-way Knockout).

Included in our picks for the eight contestants likeliest to make it to past the Playoffs on Monday, May 4, to the Semi-Final are a Hawaiian twentysomething with a name that’s tailor-made to be in lights, a preacherman who growls like he’s giving a sermon at the Church of Joe Cocker, and an opera singer who never should’ve been introduced as such since it turns out she can belt the house down in any genre.

To see which members of John and Kelly’s teams, as well as Blake Shelton and newbie Nick Jonas’, made the cut, just click on the gallery above (or go here for direct access). Then hit the comments with your Top 8.

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