Too Hot to Handle Winner Reacts to the Season's Final Twist: 'I Didn't Know How It Was Going to Go Down'

Too Hot To Handle Rhonda Paul

The first season of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle is a parade of plot twists, from the moment the sexed-up singles arrive to the moment they learn who’s taking home the prize money.

If you’ve binged all eight episodes, you know that — spoiler alert! — the group ends up with $75,000 — a decent sum of money before it gets split evenly between the 10 remaining contestants. So here’s the question: Was the whole experience really worth $7,500 (before tax)?

Too Hot To Handle Rhonda Paul“I thought I had a good shot at winning, but I didn’t know how it was going to go down,” Rhonda Paul, one of the final 10, tells TVLine. “When Lana started making the announcement, and it was just me, Sharron, Harry and Francesca standing up, I was like, ‘OK!’ I know other people developed in different types of ways, so it was hard to sit there and think, ‘Who deserves this more than the others?’ The competitive voice in the back of my mind was like, ‘I want it all! Me and Sharron deserve it. He put me through the wringer!’ I was definitely rooting to at least be in the top four.”

Rhonda acknowledges that everyone grew enough to earn some cash, but if she had to settle on a single winner, she’d pick Sharron Townsend — no contest. “What you saw him go through was amazing, but actually living through it and seeing each step he took was incredible,” she says. “There were moments when we all broke down with one another. I know how far we all came. So while we all deserved to win, Sharron took the biggest leap of faith, especially with me.”

Still, just as Francesca Farago told TVLine that she wouldn’t have done anything differently, Rhonda is also standing firm in her decisions. “The lessons that we learned wouldn’t have been learned if we just did whatever we wanted,” she says. “It opened my eyes and Sharron’s eyes to different things. We were almost went there quite a few times, and for a guy to turn that down with a woman is huge. When he said, ‘You’re more than just sex to me,’ that was a big deal.”

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