Homeland Series Finale Sneak Peek: Will Carrie Do the Unthinkable?

Carrie Mathison is faced with one helluva moral dilemma heading into next week’s Homeland series finale: Is she justified in murdering Saul if it means preventing World War III?

The Sophie’s Choice was presented to Claire Danes’ alter ego at the conclusion of Sunday’s penultimate hour (read recap here) when Yevgeny informed her that taking “Saul out of [the] picture]” would be an acceptable alternative to outing his longtime Russian asset. If Saul is dead, he explained, access to his operative would pass on to someone he trusts — namely, Carrie — thereby neutralizing her.

“You f—king knew it would come to this,” Carrie fumed at Yevgeny.

In the above sneak peek at Sunday’s grand finale, Carrie can be seen wrestling with the impossible decision. “We’re one hair trigger away from annihilation,” she exclaims to someone. Moments later, we hear Saul cryptically ask Carrie, “What’d you do?”

Press PLAY above to watch the 45-second teaser, and then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Carrie wouldn’t dare kill Saul, would she?!