The Baker and the Beauty Video: Is All Forgiven Between Noa and Daniel?

The morning after is looking very sunny for The Baker and the Beauty. In TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek at Monday’s episode (ABC, 10/9c), Noa attempts to make good with Daniel after their night together ended rather abruptly — and with some ugly truths — in the series premiere.

As the pair stroll on the Miami beach, Noa apologizes for what her manager Lewis said about her finding random strangers and bringing them into her world after every heartbreak, before having Lewis quietly return them to their normal life. “What he said is true,” Noa admits. “Sometimes, I like to go out and meet people and bring them along. It’s never planned.”

Before Noa can tell Daniel that he’s different, he interrupts her. “You took a horrible night and turned it into something I’ll never forget. So it’s all good,” he says.

But that’s not good enough for Noa, who adds, “I didn’t want last night to end the way it did. I wanted you to stay.” Press PLAY above to see Daniel’s reaction.

And are there even more secrets to be shared? As “Noa and Daniel’s relationship begins to flourish, and after an unwanted birthday party for Noa, Daniel discovers more about her past,” per the official synopsis. Elsewhere, his heartbroken ex-girlfriend Vanessa “is not giving up so easily. Meanwhile, with Rafael’s Cuban bakery booming, a food critic extraordinaire puts in an outrageous food order the Garcias cannot refuse to take.”

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