Station 19 Recap: After the Fall — Plus, Two [Spoiler] Bombshells Dropped!

station-19-recap-season-3-episode-13-emmett engaged comes out

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Thursday’s excellent Station 19. If you’d rather watch first, read later, slide back up that pole and away from this recap.

While Station 19’s firefighters grappled with the loss of one hero, several others stepped up to prove that Pruitt hadn’t laid down his life for them in vain. Read on, and we’ll go over all of the inspiring shows of bravery and caring that Thursday’s episode offered up.

station-19-recap-season-3-episode-13-emmett engaged comes out‘CRAZY DREAMS ARE BETTER THAN NOT SLEEPING FOR THREE DAYS’ | Throughout “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” a grief-stricken Andy had dream after dream, of her late father, therapist Diane, Rigo… even Ryan, whose name she whispered aloud, prompting Sullivan to remind her that his name was Robert, and he was her battalion chief and husband. (So the wedding in “I’ll Be Seeing You” had been a flashback, not a vision! Boy, do I feel stupid.) Later, Jack popped up in another of Andy’s reveries. He wasn’t dead, was he? Why was he there? “Andy, we’re orphans,” he said as she glimpsed her mother. When Andy awakened, Sullivan shared that he was an orphan, too. His parents had died in a plane crash when he was 16. Then he’d gotten married and his wife had died, Andy remembered. And then Ripley had died. And somehow he hadn’t been given the nickname Jinx. “We’re all we have,” Andy realized before saying goodbye to her daddy in one last, bittersweet dream.

station-19-recap-season-3-episode-13-emmett engaged comes outMeanwhile, at the station, since Dixon refused to pay for a line-of-duty funeral for Pruitt, who’d been retired when he died on the job, Vic recruited her peers to pose for a hot firefighters fundraising calendar. “You’ve got the body,” she told Travis, “you may as well make some money from it.” (Seriously, though, Barrett Doss is the gift that just never stops giving.) Dean insisted that he couldn’t participate because he was busy drawing up his will. BTW, did Vic want Pru if he passed away? Uh-uh, she said. “You don’t get to just die and thrust that upon me.” Also, don’t die. Jack was a nonstarter, too. “I can only teach [the baby] dominoes,” he admitted, “and how to make macaroni and cheese.” Not that those aren’t valuable life skills. Nearby, Emmett remarked to Ben that his image of firefighters as the “happy heroes” had been shattered since, on his first day, someone had OD’d in front of him, and now they’d lost Pruitt. Wait, said Ben. Who, exactly, OD’d? Oh, probie. Shortly, Daddy Dearest arrived for Maya’s hearing, and while he still refused to pony up for the funeral that Pruitt had more than earned, he did want to invite everyone to Emmett and Alicia’s engagement party. Oh, probie. But Emmett hadn’t proposed, he told Travis. Alicia had. But he did love her. On the other hand, “I think I love you, too.” All together now: Oh, probie!

station-19-recap-season-3-episode-13-emmett engaged comes out‘YOU ARE ASKING ME TO RELIVE A DAY THAT MY HERO DIED’ | When Jack and Dean responded to a call about a gas leak — the third one recently from the same house — the sight of a scared little boy peeking around the corner as his stepfather (Jonathan Silverman) talked to the firefighters tipped off Gibson that there was more going on than met the eye. Once Jack got the wife and her son, who was deaf, away from her husband, he ascertained that the hothead sometimes struck his spouse. “I think it’s getting worse,” signed the youngster. When the wife had called the police, her husband had charmed his way out of trouble, then locked her in a closet for 11 hours. Understandably, Jack was eager to help. But how? After he sent the missus inside to pack a bag so that she and her son could go someplace safe, the bedroom caught fire. Coincidence? Jack hadn’t started the blaze, he told Vic. “But I swear I might’ve if I thought of it.” Finally, he delivered the mother and son to — awww! — Marsha, the woman whose Christmas-tree fire he’d once helped put out. The two of them, it seemed, had become good friends since he’d made it his mission not to leave her feeling so alone in the world. As it had actually been Mom who started the fire, Jack advised her to throw away the matches and those clothes, then take a good shower. “Captain Herrera,” Travis told him, “would be proud.” And how.

Though Sullivan phoned the station to ask if Maya wanted backup during her hearing, she did not. “I stand by every call I made,” she told her battalion chief. “You stand by” Andy. In her meeting with Dixon, Maya more than ably defended herself, no matter how well-baited the traps he set for her. No, she insisted, “I was not prepared to sacrifice [Pruitt], but he was not going to take no for an answer.” When her former captain’s sacrifice brought tears to her eyes and emotion to her voice, Dixon hissed, “Don’t make me regret endorsing a woman for captain.” Without missing a beat, Bishop replied, “These are tears of gratitude, of amazement and wonder, and I will not apologize for having them.” Frankly, it was her ability to care and do her job at the same time that made her superior to those who couldn’t. Yeah, well, “crying won’t keep you from being transferred to pushing paper behind a desk,” said Dixon, working overtime to be named TV D-Bag of the Year. When finally he said that somebody had to pay for Pruitt’s death, Maya pointed out that he was investigating her but not Sullivan, the battalion chief who’d abandoned his post to run into the fire. Why? Because Sullivan’s disregard for protocol would reflect badly on Dixon. So if he wanted to throw Maya under the bus and make her face the press, that was fine with her because, as she rightly noted, “the only villain in this story is you for denying [Pruitt’s] line-of-duty funeral.” Well done, Bishop. Up against passion and smarts worthy of Captain Herrera, Dixon was utterly outmatched!

station-19-recap-season-3-episode-13-emmett engaged comes out‘NOW I HAVE TO TURN IN MY BATTALION CHIEF’ | Though Emmett was momentarily saved from further questioning by Ben when a couple came into the station handcuffed to one another, the reprieve didn’t last forever. Eventually, Warren correctly guessed that the individual who had overdosed had been Sullivan. Which sucked on umpteen levels. Not only did Ben have to report the battalion chief, when he did so, the department would probably shut down the PRT. Oh, probie. Once Maya was done with Dixon, she was thrown into a swimsuit and overalls and dropped into one of Vic’s photo shoots. “If you cant make [your hands sexy,” Travis told his captain, “hide them.” (Yeah, he was having as much fun with Maya’s shoot as he hadn’t had with his own!) Suddenly, Vic just plopped down on the floor as if the weight of their loss had, in an instant, become too much for her. “I am so sad,” she admitted, “and so mad.” Sigh. And she probably would be for a while. They all would.

station-19-recap-season-3-episode-13-emmett engaged comes outAs the hour drew to a close, Dean asked Ben if he and Bailey would take Pru, should he die. After all, “you two are the best parents I know,” Miller said. “I’d be honored,” Ben replied, seeming to have forgotten that he and Miranda had kinda promised to talk about big stuff like that in the future. In the beanery, as Vic encouraged Dean to be her sexy turkey for November, Emmett blurted out that he was gay. “This station runs on trust,” he said, echoing a familiar sentiment. And he wanted to be someone his colleagues could feel confident in trusting. “There isn’t a club,” Maya told him, “but if there was, welcome.” Travis was proud of his pet rabbit. Everyone was. But they all still needed to get in costume for the calendar, Vic yelled. “We are alive because of Pruitt Herrera… so pick a damn month” already! At that, she finally got the cooperation she’d been looking for all along. “Oil me up!” said Dean as he stripped down. Her sexy turkey was in the house. Back at Sullivan’s, he received a text from Ben. Just four words, but the four that no one ever wants to see in a row: “We need to talk.” So, what did you think of “Dream a Little Dream of Me”? Jack’s very-good deeds? Maya’s freakin’ fantastic takedown of Dixon? Dean’s choice of substitute parents? Emmett’s coming-out? Hit the comments.

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