My So-Called Life Cast Reunites — But Who Is Missing? See New Photo

My So-Called Life Reunion Claire Danes Wilson Cruz

What’s more exciting than scoring last-minute tickets to the Buffalo Tom show? An impromptu My So-Called Life reunion, shared by one of the cult hit’s cast members via social media.

Members of the ABC drama’s ensemble recently met up via Zoom for a “sweet, heartfelt and overdue reunion,” Wilson Cruz tweeted Wednesday evening.

In the post below, you can see Cruz (top left) was joined by (clockwise from Cruz): Bess Armstrong, who played Patty Chase, Angela’s mom; Devon Odessa, who played Sharon Cherski, Angela’s best friend before Rayanne came along; Mary Kay Place, who played Camille Cherski, Sharon’s mom; Claire Danes, who played central character Angela Chase; A.J. Langer, who played Rayanne Graff, Angela’s wildchild BFF, Devon Gummersall, who played Brian Krakow, Angela’s neighbor and not-so-secret admirer; and Tom Irwin, who played Graham Chase, Angela’s dad.

Series creator Winnie Holzman and her husband, Paul Dooley — who played Angela’s maternal grandfather, Chuck Wood — are in the center square.

Curiously absent from the online hangout: former series regular Jared Leto, who played teen alt-heartthrob Jordan Catalano (gotta say the full name).

My So-Called Life ran on ABC for one season in 1994 and 1995. Its executive producers, Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick, had already helmed thirtysomething for the network at the time; they’d go on to produce Once and Again and Nashville, among other series. My So-Called Life‘s inaugural and only season ended on a huge cliffhanger; when the drama didn’t get picked up for Season 2, angry fans launched a fervent — and ultimately unsuccessful — letter-writing campaign to change ABC executives’ minds.

Did seeing the My So-Called Life gang together again make you dig out your red Manic Panic and flannel shirt? Take a good look at the photo above, then hit the comments with your thoughts!