New Amsterdam EP Previews Sharpe's New Foil, Says Finale 'Makes Sense' Despite Shelved Pandemic Episode

New Amsterdam Season 2 Finale

New Amsterdam‘s decision to shelve its flu pandemic episode, which was originally slated to air April 7, will not have confusing consequences for viewers during this Tuesday’s season finale (NBC, 9/8c).

Even though the audience will have missed an entire hour of the fairly serialized medical drama, the series has figured out a way to catch viewers up on a particularly crucial plot point from the unaired episode: the debut of Hawaii Five-0 vet Daniel Dae Kim as trauma surgeon Dr. Cassian Shin.

“That was the one storyline [from the pandemic episode] that you had to have [seen] in order to watch the finale,” showrunner David Schulner tells TVLine. “So we decided to lift that storyline, almost entirely,” with the exception of “a couple things,” to air at the top of the finale as “an extended teaser… to help introduce Daniel Dae Kim’s character. So when you see him in Episode 19, it all makes sense.”

The montage of Dr. Shin scenes will present a doc who’s “the opposite of Max, in that he has very clear boundaries,” Schulner previews. “He takes care of himself before he takes care of others. He actually takes care of himself so he can take care of others. And we wanted to give Sharpe a foil who would challenge all of her assumptions, all of her held beliefs, her allegiance to Max, both personally and professionally.”

While fans will still get a significant glimpse at Dr. Shin’s introduction, some other “personal storylines” from the cut pandemic episode have been put on hold.

“We had some big character storylines for Iggy and Kapoor and Bloom, especially, that the audience will either see when we air Episode 18, or we’ll have to cannibalize Episode 18 to get those stories into our Season 3 episodes, all depending on when we can air the pandemic episode,” Schulner explains. “The storylines are so good for those three characters. I don’t want to jump past them, and I don’t want to kind of give them away. So we’ll have to figure out, depending on when we air the pandemic episode, how we incorporate those storylines going forward.”

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