Killing Eve Season 3 Premiere Recap: Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

Killing Eve Premiere Villanelle Jodie Comer

Killing Eve‘s third season opens with both Eve and Villanelle nursing old wounds… only in Eve’s case, her wound is a literal one.

First, though, we flash back to 1974 Moscow, where a young gymnast named Dasha gets berated by her coach for a wobbly landing. She’s comforted by a male gymnast, who offers her a flower and a kiss… but she repays the favor by beating him to a pulp and dusting his lifeless body with chalk. Cut to present day, at an Italian wedding where Maria the bride is giving a toast… and she’s marrying Villanelle! “I just had a really bad breakup,” Villanelle explains, adding, “I am so much happier now that she’s dead.” (No one laughs but Maria.) At the reception, Villanelle spots an old woman lurking in the background — and tackles her to the ground, setting off a chaotic food fight. Yep, the old lady is Dasha, and Villanelle doesn’t like her very much.

We learn that Dasha works for The Twelve and trained Villanelle to be a killer back in the day. She wants to bring Villanelle back into the fold, but Villanelle would rather move into a more executive role as a “keeper.” Meanwhile, Carolyn has lost the trust of the MI6 brass after the debacle in Rome and is stuck working for “a massive wanker” named Paul — Hugo is now suing MI6, by the way — and Kenny is working for an investigative journalism start-up called The Bitter Pill, investigating The Twelve on his own. But where is our dear, nearly departed Eve?

Killing Eve Season 3 Premiere Sandra OhWell, she’s not dead, at least: She’s still wincing from her gunshot wound and buying instant noodles for one — oh, and lots of wine. She’s living alone and working as a cook, stuffing dumplings in the back of a Korean restaurant and trying her best to lay low. (When the manager offers her a chance to work out front, she turns it down: “I like the kitchen.”) She reconnects with Kenny, who says he tried to visit her at the hospital in Rome — “Lucky those tourists found you when they did” — and tells her he’s still following up on leads about The Twelve. Eve doesn’t want to get involved, though: “‘I’m not going down that road again. It almost killed me.”

Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 1 VillanelleSpeaking of killing, Villanelle takes an assignment from Dasha and heads to Barcelona to take care of a local political agitator. She dresses up as a delivery person and sneaks into the agitator’s food shop, giving her a package to sign for. Seeing a picture of the target’s grandfather, Villanelle lies that her own grandpa is suffering from heart trouble, and the shopkeeper kindly gives her some saffron to make a tea for her ailing grandpa. Aw! Well, the warm and fuzzy feelings don’t last long: While the shopkeeper is up on a ladder fetching the saffron, Villanelle yanks the ladder away and finishes the job by smashing her skull with a jar of olives. She then dusts her victim’s body with paprika — a nod to Dasha’s signature chalk-dusting move.

Eve visits her estranged husband Niko in what appears to be a mental ward; he’s still reeling from the death of his almost-girlfriend, and he now believes he let Eve dominate their relationship for too long. (“I deserve more than that… more than you.”) She later gives in and accepts an invitation to meet Kenny and his friends for a drink… but when she shows up at the Bitter Pill offices, Kenny is nowhere to be found. He was working late on a story about The Twelve and heard a strange noise in the empty office — and when Eve looks outside, she finds Kenny’s dead body lying in the parking lot. And he definitely didn’t jump, right? (For more on Kenny’s death, click here for our chat with new head writer Suzanne Heathcote.)

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