American Idol's Top 21, Ranked: Who Will Shine When Season 18 Goes Live?

American Idol Season 18 Top 20

With most of the country forced to stay at home, it’s unclear when American Idol will be able to kick off this season’s live performances. But whenever that day comes, we have a pretty good idea which of the remaining 20(ish) singers America will be rooting for.

Last week, TVLine asked its readers to pick their favorite Season 18 contestants, an assignment that yielded some surprising results. Sure, there are a few obvious choices lurking near the top (everybody loves Just Sam!), but we were surprised to see some of our personal favorites land closer to the middle — or even lower — of our readers’ ranking.

Were it not for the coronavirus pandemic, the show could have launched into its live episodes tonight. Instead, ABC has put together a two-part special titled American Idol: This Is Me, which includes unseen performances, interviews and footage of this season’s Top 20. That will air tonight and next Sunday (April 19) at 8/7c.

Before you say anything, we know that the Top 20 hasn’t officially been solidified. Country crooners Grace Leer and Lauren Mascitti are currently vying for the final spot, but when you look at our readers’ results, you’ll see that it kind of doesn’t matter either way. (For what it’s worth, we’ll find out on April 19 whether Grace or Lauren made the cut.)

Browse our gallery of singers ranked from best to worst — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your personal favorites below.

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