9-1-1's Jennifer Love Hewitt Previews Maddie's Hostage Crisis: She's 'About to Fight For Her Life' (Watch Clip)

“In a two-year period, this is now the second time Maddie has found herself in a hostage situation where she ultimately has to ask herself, ‘Do they die or do we?'” That’s the unfortunate dilemma Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s character faces when 9-1-1 returns for the second half of its call-center takeover event on Monday (Fox, 8/7c).

9-1-1‘s latest episode ended with the jaw-dropping return of Josh’s assailant, who revealed himself to be part of a terrorist organization seizing control of the facility. Maddie attempted to send a cryptic message to Chimney by telling him that she loved him — something she just said she wasn’t ready to do — but as you’ll see in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek above, that might not have been enough of a clue to tip him off.

“The beautiful thing about Maddie in this situation is that we tried to show her strength a little more,” Hewitt tells TVLine, comparing this nightmare to her character’s previous life-threatening experiences. “We show a little more of her spirit, her belief that she can fight. She’s also good at holding others up in moments that they’re breaking. Even when she said ‘I love you’ to Chimney, that was her recognizing that she’s about to fight for her life.”

Hit PLAY on the video above for an exclusive first look at the tense hour, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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